Lesley-Anne & Alan's Romantic Pastel Pink Wedding at Bothwell Parish Church & The Lynnhurst, Johnstone

I don't know if Lesley-Anne and Alan believe in fate, but when I first met them, I suggested the "Redstones Hotel" in Uddingston for us to get together - which also happened to be the place they met. So I always had a good feeling about this wedding and wasn't surprised when they told me they had booked a videographer who by coincidence shared Alan's name AND surname. This was my most local wedding so far this year in magnificent Bothwell Parish Church. An obvious choice for Lesley-Anne and Alan, since Lesley-Anne grew up not far away from there and her parents also got married here! It must have been particularly meaningful for them, being back in the same church and seeing their daughter getting married... these kind of things make me all emotional these days, along with the part in the wedding speech, when the groom thanks his mum for all the love he has received... moving on :)

It was lovely being with Lesley-Anne and her family in the morning of their wedding, while everybody was chatting and getting ready for the big event. And it was a long time coming, as somebody remarked in the speeches (might even have been the groom himself!), with Lesley-Anne and Alan being a couple for over a decade!

The weather was a mixed bag but at all key moments, we had sunshine and clear skies. I will always remember the moment though when all of a sudden, hailstones came down. We stood in the church ground taking some portraits, covered by some trees. For about a minute, then it went back to sunshine!

Other moments which I really enjoyed being part of were when Lesley-Anne gave Alan a guitar as a wedding present in their honeymoon suite at the Lynnhurst, where the reception was held (which she had kept as a secret from him); when Alan serenaded Lesley-Anne during his speech with a classic Beatles song; the Beatles references in the Best Man speech and table names (yes I'm also a fan!). Among many others!

Lesley-Anne and Alan, thank you so much for trusting me with your wedding photos. Really enjoyed the time we spent together and I've got a good feeling about you two :) :) Wishing you a lifetime of song and laughter.

Mareike xx



"What can we say..................the photos are AMAZING! I cannot believe how well you have captured our day and we are both simply over the moon with them. There are so many amazing photos it is going to be so hard to choose 50 of them for our album. Everyone keeps saying they don't envy our task to choose and that they are going to find it hard to choose some too."

- Lesley-Anne & Alan