Nadine & Fabian / Hochzeit im Wasserschloß Hülsede

Funnily enough, while I was selecting the photos for this post earlier today, I had an enquiry for this lovely place - the Wasserschloß Hülsede. A romantic castle location, literally as romantic as they get - with a very well looked after garden, a historic courtyard overgrown with ivy, a magnificent dining hall with exposed stone walls and huge fire places. 

This wedding actually happened a while ago, but I always wanted to share their photos in this fantastic location. Although you may be excused if all you remember from this post is Nadine's unusual and stunning black and white dress :) 

My day started in the morning and in the guest suite of the castle, where I met Nadine while she was being styled by Kesira

Fabian and the boys were nearby and I went back and forth to cover both parties getting ready. 

Their ceremony took place in the local church which is just a short walk by foot from the castle. It's a very ornate, beautiful old church, quite dark inside but very atmospheric. The choir in which Nadine sang contributed to this atmosphere by performing a few songs. 

After their ceremony we all walked back to the castle and had a champagne reception in the courtyard, followed by the cutting of their wedding cake. I really like it when the cake is served in the afternoon in an al fresco setting. It looks lovely in the photos and it's nicer for the guests - everyone wants cake in the afternoon! 

Nadine, Fabian and I went for their couple photos in the garden and it was all very relaxed.. the weather was beautiful and bright, the sun was shining.  

The celebration continued with some speeches and Nadine's solo  performance of a tear jerker of a song, which she had practiced just for the occasion to surprise Fabian.

What can I say? Scroll through their photos and be prepared to fall in love. 



"Thank you Mareike for the beautiful photos <3"

- Nadine & Fabian