Annika & Tino / Hochzeit in der Orangerie Harbke und Schloß Schöningen

I had wanted to share this wedding for ages because this was such a sweet couple and I adored Annika's styling in particular :). Annika and Tino had also picked two lovely historic venues for their summery (and very hot) wedding at the end of August. 

My day started in Wolfenbüttel where I photographed Annika slipping into her dress surrounded by her friends (and cat - we were all a bit anxious of the cat getting anywhere near the dress, it has to be said :)). 

I then made my way to the Orangerie Harbke where Tino was waiting in the sweltering heat. I still remember that I had taken a chocolate milk with me that day (from the fridge) and it had almost reached boiling point when I got back to my car. Fortunately for all of us, the inside of the building was nice and cool, and this is where they had their ceremony, including reading out their own vows which was very special. Afterwards, we used the lovely surroundings for the couple photos and then went to Schloß Schöningen for just a few more shots and to continue the celebration in the vaulted rooms of the banqueting hall. 

The dancing at night took a bit of an unexpected turn with their guests surprising them with a flash mob to "Get lucky". I am still gutted I left before I heard the live band play (which I was told, was epic). 

Effortless style and gorgeously executed. Loved everything about this wedding! 



PS: Annika and Tino sent me images a year later where they had recreated some of the wedding photos at the Orangerie Harbke with their newest family member <3 So sweet! Congratulations again :)))