Sophia & Lars / Hochzeit im Kloster Riddagshausen und Braunschweig

The new year resolutions are going well because I'm blogging a wedding here which happened 2 weeks ago people! :)

What a fab start into the wedding year 2018. On Epiphany I went to Braunschweig to photograph Sophia and Lars' wedding in the Frauenkirche of the Kloster Riddagshausen. But we're jumping ahead here as my day actually started spending time with both the groom and the bride for some "getting ready" photos. 

The weather was absolutely beautiful, a very dry, sunny and unseasonably mild winter's day and this was exactly like Sophia and Lars hoped it would be. They had a very sweet "first look" and couple photos before the ceremony, mainly to make full use of the daylight hours. 

I must admit at this point that despite my favourable description of the weather, I was ABSOLUTELY FREEZING in my winter coat and full of admiration for Sophia and Lars who just completely rocked the couple photos.

If, incidentally, you are preparing for a winter wedding yourself while reading this, my top three tips for coping with freezing temperatures whilst wearing a wedding dress:

1) Take a warm blanket or two with you, so you can whip something over quickly in between photos. Blanket because you can whip it on much quicker then trying to peel yourself into a coat and getting tangled in a sleeve in the process.

2) Take a pair of warm winter boots. Sophia had a pair of fur lined boots which she had on in some of the photos (try guessing in which ones :)

3) If you are feeling cold, tenseness will show in your shoulders and arms, so try to make a conscious effort to relax them. I sometimes say to my couples "Think of the Caribbean! Puh isn't it HOT today!" Maybe my couples feel sorry for me (let's face it - this is a rather poor attempt at a joke) but it usually gets them to release the tension and chuckle. 

Back to Sophia and Lars :) who had a lovely private moment lighting candles before their ceremony in memory of absent family and then walked into the little Frauenkapelle hand in hand. X Jones and his gospel choir were performing during the ceremony and created a fantastic atmosphere. One of my favourite parts of the day was when Sophia and Lars led the congregation out of the church after the ceremony,  while X Jones and his choir sang "Going to the chapel". Goosebumps moment! 

Their reception took place in the Barocksaal at the Löwenwall in Braunschweig (table decoration by Hochzeitswerkstatt). I left them to party the night away but not before photographing their first dance, which was a Cha Cha. 

Finally, the question of questions: Did they catch a cold?? Well,... I'm so happy to report back to you that they DIDN't so there you have it. A totally perfect wedding day! 

"Mareike, die Fotos bestätigen nochmal, dass wir uns mit dir absolut richtig entschieden haben!!! Wir hatten Tränen in den Augen, so wunderschön sind die geworden!!!! DANKE!"
- Sophia und Lars