New Beginnings - MM Photography moving to Hanover, Germany

Where to start?! I have some pretty big news to share. After a decade of living in Scotland, Gary and I have decided to move our wee family to my native Germany. We have been talking about it for years in a "this will happen someday..." way, but now, 'someday' has come: our ferry is booked for March, moving van arranged, house lease expired... it's happening! We're going to move to the Hanover area, which is where I am from originally. Apart from being a great place to live (but then again, I'm biased ;)) it's pretty central to the rest of Germany, which is ideal for my business. I am very excited about the move and starting over. It's going to be a bit of a jump into the unknown, and I'll be honest, I've got days when I feel more anxious about it than I would like (being a person naturally inclined to worrying!). But it's going to be a massive opportunity for all of us, and let's face it, it was always going to be a big step!

I am going to miss Scotland for sure, but as it happens, I won't be away for long... as I will be over a few times during the summer to shoot weddings here. Going forward, I will still be taking a limited number of wedding bookings in Scotland. Gary's family are also all here so I foresee plenty of trips to keep the grandparents happy :)

However! I'm taking bookings now for Germany from April 2014 onwards. I'm very excited about establishing my business in Germany, meeting lots of new lovely couples, hearing about their wedding plans and shooting gorgeous weddings in my home country.

Wish me luck *

Mareike xx


photo credit: Zoe Campbell Photography