Charlotte & Laurie's Wedding at House for an Art Lover, Glasgow

Charlotte and Laurie booked me while they were living in Canada - after having seen another wedding on my blog that I shot at House for an Art Lover last year. I really enjoy shooting weddings there (and quite a few of my photos feature on their website and in their wedding brochure, yay!). But this wedding was a bit different; not only is Laurie's surname 'Mackintosh', like the great artist himself who designed this house; but they are also both architects! Imagine the coincidence ;) Their wedding day in mid August started off very bright; then the rain came on just as we were about to embark on the group photos; but then, the sun came out for good and gave us the most marvellous light for their couple portraits. Wow! Charlotte looked absolutely beautiful in her lacy dress which also helped :)

The speeches took place in House for an Art Lover's music room. I must say, always one of my favourite parts of the day because you find out so much about the couple in a very short space of time! I found out that Charlotte is a very talented architect indeed; that Laurie and Charlotte first met at university; that Laurie's mum still stores all his stuff and that Laurie and his brother had a fantastic relationship growing up, which led to him being able to share all the good stories in his best man's speech. I've seldom seen a groom squirm that much haha :)

Charlotte & Laurie, you were a dream to work with, thanks again for following all my ideas (and climbing on the windowsill of the oval room - I hope you agree it was worth it!!). Loved your wedding day and I hope you enjoy settling back into things in Canada, as the new Mr and Mrs Mackintosh! Speak soon xx

Mareike xx