Natalie and Sholto's Vintage House for an Art Lover wedding, Glasgow

Natalie and Sholto had luck on their side as we had a nice wintery day for their wedding in mid February. I actually think this was among the first things that Natalie said to me when I arrived at her parents' house to cover the getting ready part! :) A lot of planning had gone into the day, down to the hand-painted champagne glasses which showed each of the bridesmaids and bride. Natalie had chosen a stunning tiara from Jenny Peckham which fitted perfectly with her dress and the vintage hairstyle.

When I drove across to House for an Art Lover, I found the guys had fully embraced the vintage theme too - I loved the top hats. Just in time for the ceremony, Natalie and her dad arrived in a vintage VW Beetle, whereas her mum and bridesmaids travelled in a vintage VW transporter. In my book, VW is always a great choice when it comes to cars - and the beetle looked so cute.

The ceremony was performed by Sholto's dad, who is a registrar in a different area of Scotland but had been given special permission to perform the ceremony. A ripple of laughter went through the audience when he asked Sholto to formally confirm who he was - and Sholto couldn't keep a straight face either!

After the ceremony, we spent some time outside and took photos of Natalie and Sholto - always one of my favourite parts of the day. It was great that the cars were still available for a few photos, as I think they really added to the atmosphere.

Before we sat down for the speeches and meal, Natalie and Sholto cut their cake - and I had been waiting for a gothic influence all day, so wasn't surprised to see that they had gone for a, shall we say, slightly unusual cake topper :)

What a fabulous day, Natalie and Sholto! I really enjoyed spending it with you, and covering it for you. You are an amazing couple, with amazing taste! Hope you love the photos as much as I do!

Mareike xx



"Hey Mareike, just looked at the photos and they are awesome! Love, love, love them. You have done a wonderful job!!! We're so chuffed. Thanks so much! xx"

- Natalie and Sholto