Rachel & Danny's Vintage Chic Wedding in House For an Art Lover, Glasgow

This is a wedding I had been looking forward to especially. Rachel is a lady of impeccable taste, and I adored her cute outfit at their engagement shoot back in December. And as expected, her wedding dress was stunning - a custom made lace dress, which she wore with a birdcage veil. Swoon! House for an Art Lover was a perfect venue for their civil ceremony. Stylish, arty and unique. We took a few of the couple portraits in the Oval Room, which has perfect light due to being painted in cream. I loved all the vintage touches that Rachel had added to the day - the vintage handkerchiefs for the ceremony; the mismatched flowers; the vintage teacups with retro sweets.

I won't forget Danny's two best men in a while - they pulled of a great speech ending in a song about their stag do and a Domino's pizza delivery. The whole room was in fits of laughter!

The day ended in the House for an Art Lover cafe space with its checkerboard dancefloor, and Rachel and Danny opened the dancefloor to a swing number.

Needless to say, I loved their day and style. They are such relaxed, unpretentious and warm people. Wishing them all the joy they had on their wedding day, always!

Mareike xx