Michelle & George's Wedding at House for an Art Lover, Glasgow

The always beautiful House for an Art Lover was the backdrop to Michelle and George’s big day back in mid August. What I remember most vividly about their day is the laughter. Michelle and George are so lucky to have such a fantastic family and friends, who really helped create a great atmosphere. You could feel how happy they were for them! The lovely Fiona Watson from Fiona Watson Photography 2ndshot with me on the day, and we started off at Michelle and George’s flat where Michelle and the girls were getting ready. The champagne (and tea :)) were flowing! Soon it was time for Michelle to step into her dress and after getting a few shots with her granddad (Hallo Wilhelm!) it was time for me to scoot off to meet George at House for an Art Lover…

…only he wasn’t there as he had been caught in traffic!! Fortunately everyone arrived in time for the ceremony ;)

After their ceremony, we took some group photos outside and then went into the walled garden for Michelle and George's couple portraits. Michelle had planned a wee surprise for George – she took him to the bench where he had proposed (!), and gave him a parcel with a watch inside. I remember her talking about how the last time they sat there, she couldn’t give him anything in return for the ring. What a gesture, I loved it!

Michelle had put a simply astounding level of detail into all aspects of the planning, including the decoration. I remember her telling me about her ideas before the wedding, but was still taken aback by her dedication and crafting skills! DIY heaven! Just LOOK at those table decorations...

Their day ended in the House for an Art Lover Café space with a traditional first dance and a non-traditional boogie on the dancefloor :) At one point, everyone was rocking it “Gangnam Style” haha!

Michelle & George, huge congratulations again on your beautiful day. You are clearly such a well suited couple and it was a genuine pleasure to get to know your families and spent the day with you! Much love xx

Also a huge thanks to Fiona Watson who was a fantastic help on the day! Cheers again lovely.

Mareike xx