Jane & Fraser's Wedding at St Mary's Episcopal Cathedral and the Piping Centre, Glasgow

Now here are two people who really did it their own way! Jane and Fraser, both musicians, broke a few of the wedding traditions along the way - for starters, there was no "giving away of the bride", as they met outside the church and walked down the aisle together. Music is  important to them, so a big part of the ceremony was given over to it, and it made quite an impact - they walked in to a full choir singing in the impressive St Mary's Cathedral in Glasgow! There was also no shortage of organists - three I believe! I loved the sign that Jane had made for the church, in which they asked their guests to refrain from using their camera in order to be present with them. After the ceremony, we went off to Lansdowne Gardens for a few photos in the sunshine and later, the Piping Centre, where the music theme continued. I loved their cake which was personalised down to the colour of the figurine's shoes - royal blue like Jane's! I must admit I had serious shoe envy ;)!

The speeches, which were given after the meal, remain firmly in my mind especially because Jane's Dad said a few things which were just so lovely. He was talking about what he admired about Jane and Fraser, and gave compliments to Fraser's parents how they had raised him - it was all very touching and I caught Jane shedding a few tears too :)

The day ended with a proper ceilidh which just really suits the venue, I was tapping away in the corner.

Jane & Fraser, I really enjoyed your wedding. You are such a down-to-earth, lovely couple and so easy to be around! Thank you for having me and I hope you enjoy this preview.

Mareike xx