Charlotte & Laurie's Calton Hill Engagement Photo Shoot, Edinburgh

I couldn't have picked a better spot myself. Calton Hill is pretty stunning when it comes to classic Edinburgh locations. The views, the grass, the trees! Oh, and the views! Charlotte and Laurie met at university in Dundee, but since those days have travelled a fair bit and currently live in Canada. We had their engagement photo shoot just a few short weeks before their wedding as they were spending some time in Scotland to get married, before returning to Canada. As such, the photos are a bit 'old hat' as the two of them are now married - at gorgeous House for an Art Lover last weekend. More to follow on that one :)

Edinburgh was home for them for some time, so Calton Hill was the obvious choice for them. A very bright day, but I loved the atmosphere and we managed to find some quiet spots away from the tourist crowds :)