Catherine & Jay's Summery St John's and Dalziel Park Wedding, Uddingston and Motherwell

I am particularly happy to share Catherine and Jay's wedding photos today! The summery weather may be gone for the moment, but back in July this was one of the hottest days, a real scorcher! Catherine and Jay met in high school and this wedding had been a long time coming. They share a common love for tea and cats, both of which featured in the wedding :) I spent the morning at Catherine's parents house (for once, without my kids in tow - as Catherine's mum Hilary is our wonderful childminder!). The atmosphere was very relaxed while everyone enjoyed tea and pancakes, make up was applied and cats were petted. I was admiring Catherine's dress and was told about the customisation which had gone into it, even after buying it in the shop. And did she look stunning in it.

After a few photos with the bridesmaids (their dresses were handmade by Hilary!), parents and Patches, Catherine's cat, I went across to St John's Church to catch up with Jay. The sun was beating down on the arriving guests, and I was enjoying making some conversation in German, as there were a few guests from Germany where Catherine's Dad's family is from. An emotional Catherine and her dad arrived in style, in an open top classic Beaufort, to the ceremony which was performed by an old friend from school, Father Michael Caine.

After the ceremony, we all made our way across to Dalziel Park and spent some time taking photos in the grounds. We got a nice bit of a breeze at last, very welcome on this hot day and Catherine and Jay absolutely rocked their portrait session! Before long, it was time for the receiving line and speeches, and I left the happy couple to celebrate into the evening.

Catherine and Jay. It was a huge pleasure, joy and honour to be part of your wedding day, I hope these photos bring back the memories for you, time and again into the happy future which I can quite confidently predict for the two of you! Speak soon.

Mareike xx