Michelle and George's VW Van Engagement Shoot in Pollok Park, Glasgow

I love it when couples bring their personality into the engagement shoot and choose a location which is meaningful for them. And even better when they start adding props such as VW vans! The van is Michelle and George's "project" as they lovingly restore it for future trips. And Pollok Park, in full bloom on a warm summer's eve, provided the perfect backdrop. Michelle's granddad is from Wolfsburg in Germany, which is just a stone's throw away from my hometown of Hanover (and incidentally, the place where VW are built). I am sure he approves of their choice of car - as everyone in Wolfsburg seems to be driving VW! Which is a good thing as these are the most reliable of cars :)

I'm very much looking forward to photographing their wedding in the beautiful House for an Art Lover in Glasgow in August. Michelle and George simply make a great couple and are a lot of fun to be around - and I know their wedding will be just like this, very much "them", with a lot of personality thrown in!

Mareike xx