Laura and Richard's Glasgow West End Engagement Shoot

We had originally planned to have Laura and Richard's engagement shoot in Pollok Country Park, but then Laura sent me an email a few days before, suggesting we move it to the West End instead. They had just moved there and across the road from their flat was a private garden, which we could use for the photos. I thought this was a fabulous idea - it's always nice to have the engagement shoot in a place that is meaningful to the couple! It actually turned out a great move weather-wise too - as after an intial very sunny start, it started to rain and as it happened, we were just next to a townhouse building which gave us some shelter (and a nice backdrop as well!). We finished off taking a few shots of them in a lane nearby - and it was still kind of raining. Laura and Richard were completely unpertubed. Exactly my type of people :) Looking forward to their wedding in October in the Caves in Edinburgh -   I have the feeling it's going to be a fantastic day!!

Thank you Laura & Richard for braving all sorts of weather with me! Lovely spending some time with you & hope you enjoy your preview of photos.

Mareike xx



"That was a lovely surprise for a Saturday morning!! The photos are great! I'm really glad we switched the setting as we're loving the ones on the steps of the building and in the lane! Thanks for making it so much fun - I don't think either of us stopped giggling all the way through (maybe nervously sometimes!!). We're so excited about the wedding now! Look forward to seeing you again then if not before!"

- Laura & Richard