Vicki & Richard's Sunny New Lanark Waterfalls Engagement Shoot

A couple of days before Vicki and Richard's engagement shoot (which we had scheduled at New Lanark - where they are having their wedding reception in June this year) - I got an email from Vicki. She asked me if I was ok to walk up to the Corra Linn waterfall with them, which is a bit of a hike through the woods and up a steep hill. My answer was, that I will pack my wellies! But it turned out that I didn't have to bother because the weather was fantastic as we went on our shoot. The afternoon sun was coming out just as planned, and it was a very pleasant walk up - along the Clyde and through the still fairly bare looking trees! Vicki and Richard told me they had met in Oxford while studying for their PhDs and that New Lanark has a special place in Vicki's heart, because she came here on a school trip. And of course, this is also where Richard proposed to her - overlooking the waterfall! Really looking forward to photographing their wedding in a just a couple of months time.

Mareike x