My approach to family and group photos

Family portraits are part and parcel of the wedding day. I don't usually post group pictures in my blogs - however rest assured I do take them :)! All your guests have taken great care to dress, and of course you want a record of who was present on your big day. If you, however, dread the thought of having to pose for them - here are my recommendations for making family group photos go really smoothly!

  • Allocate around 30 mins to take the group photos. I would recommend sticking to your immediate family (parents, siblings, grandparents) and bridal party. My most requested combos are: b&g with parents, b&g with parents / siblings, b&g with grandparents, bride with bridesmaids, groom with groomsmen, b&g with bridal party. If you would like more group photos, that's totally fine, but we might have to add extra time to take these.
  • Have a list. I will ask you before your big day about your groups, and specifically a list of all the names in each group. This helps us all to stay organised and ensures we're not missing anything (anyone!)
  • Ask for help. It helps to have someone from each side of the family to be in charge of rounding up the troops - using the list mentioned earlier :)
  • Check with your parents. Sometimes they have a particular group they'd like to have photographed. Yes, it's your big day, but it's nice to be nice and foregoes any unexpected requests on the day.
  • Location of photos. It's usually best to take the group photos at the place of your ceremony or reception. If you plan to take them at your place of ceremony and you have your reception elsewhere, make sure your guests know if they are to be part of the photos - as you don't want them heading off! Yes, these things happen :)
  • Take 'em outside. Whenever possible (weather allowing), these photos will look much nicer if taken outside. That's because of the softer background and the more flattering natural light.

Lastly - I am always there for advice, and will help you plan it all, so you don't have to stress about anything and can enjoy your photo-time!

Mareike xx