Rachel & Danny : Engaged | Glasgow Botanic Gardens and West End

I met with Rachel & Danny in the Botanic Gardens last week for their e-shoot. I think we were all doubtful how the weather would play out, as it was a bit atrocious the day before. However it ended up a glorious afternoon! The light was simply gorgeous - the early setting sun was a great bonus. We had a lot of fun walking around the park and then the West End, with the occasional interruption of taking a few photos :) And when I say fun, I mean it: Danny did a fab job of keeping us all entertained! I think he "ruined" a few photos for me though - too much camera shake from laughing too hard :) Rachel & Danny chose the Botanic Gardens for their shoot as it's a place they enjoy going for walks together. I loved the contrast of the wintery but sunny Botanics with its trees, grass, nature etc., and then the bustling streets of the West End, where we finished up with a few shots at Ashton Lane. They are such a sweet couple, and I loved how Danny was a real gentleman and put down his own scarf whenever I asked them to sit down - so Rachel wouldn't feel the cold.

Rachel & Danny, thanks again for a fab shoot!! I'm more excited than ever about covering your wedding in July next year in House for an Art Lover. Hope you enjoy the sneak preview of photos!

Mareike xx